Logan County, KY, Genealogical Society, Inc.

Logan County, Kentucky Genealogical Society, Inc.

Formed in 1979, volunteers work to preserve genealogical records.  By 1981, group had incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

Logan County Fiscal Court granted permission to the volunteers to work on records, Kentucky Libraries and Archives provided the training, and the court provides the space and materials needed.


We review indexes available in Archives to locate your ancestor and send you a list of records that may help in your research.  NEW ! ! New AIS program by Jeff Cropper allows for one-click view of over 20 databases.

  County court records 

    Marriages, 1792-present (not on AIS yet but volunteers can look in abstracted books to find quickly -- will be added soon)

    Wills and probates, 1792-present (not on AIS yet but volunteers can look in abstracted books to find quickly -- will be added soon)

  Circuit court records

    Equity, 1802-1940, card file, later records indexed in book format, database in AIS

    Ordinary, 1800-1942, card file and in AIS on computer

    Miscellaneous, 1789-1942, complete index on card file and AIS

  Other resources within Archives

    Cemetery book, all known stones to year 2000

     Funeral home records book, printed 1997, covers most funeral homes

    Confederate and Union soldier records

    Over 3,500 references for use in Archives.

            More recent records or grantor and grantee indexes on deeds can be checked on special request.

           Copies may then be obtained by remitting payment and postage.

           Send ONE name and approximate dates, identifying information on person, and snail mail address so review of records available can can be mailed to you.  You then study list of original records available and order which ones help your researc,h.  Clerks can provide 1 hour free time to view records.

          Check our BOOKS FOR SALE page.  

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