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Some soft-bound books available and on sale.  See below.

Add postage -- call (270-726-8179) or e-mail (logankyarchives@att.net) us for cost of postage, for example, a cemetery book can run from $4.75 to $12.45, depending on distance and how you want it shipped - media mail or other more expensive but faster service.  

Books will not be mailed until postage is paid.

LOGAN COUNTY, KY, MARRIAGES - Abstracted from original books; information lists grooms alphabetically, full name index of brides, gives date, lists registration and bond books, number and page location.

MARRIAGES, 1790-1865, 150 pages, $30.00 hard bound
MARRIAGES, 1866-1900, 215 pages, $30.00 hard bound
MARRIAGES, 1901-1926, 103 pages, $30.00 hard bound
MARRIAGES, 1927-1950, 303 pages, $35.00 hard bound
MARRIAGES, 1951-1974, 459 pages, $55.00 hard bound
First 3 volumes bound together, $65.00 hard bound

MARRIAGE REGISTER 1, scanned, photocopied from original, - 369 pages, $65.00 hard bound

MARRIAGE REGISTER 2, scanned, photocopied from original - 204 pages, $45.00 hard bound

MARRIAGE REGISTER 3, scanned, photocopied from original - 294 pages, $55.00 hard bound

LOGAN COUNTY, KY, WILLS & ESTATE SETTLEMENTS - Abstracted from original books; information given includes name of deceased, date will was written, heirs & relationships, major bequests, executors, witnesses, signed or marked, date of probate, book & page number.
  WILLS, 1795-1838, 182 pages, $30.00 hard bound, $10.00 soft bound (originally $20.00, same information as hard bound, just different presentation)
WILLS, 1838-1856, 158 pages, $30.00 hard bound, $10.00 soft bound - same as above
WILLS, 1856-1874, 142 pages, $30.00 hard bound, $10.00 soft bound - same as above
WILLS, 1874-1900, 190 pages, $35.00 hard bound
WILLS, 1901-1923, 256 pages, $40.00 hard bound
1st four volumes bound together, $85.00 hard bound


LOGAN COUNTY, KY, DEED ABSTRACTS by Joyce Martin Murray, abstracted from microfilm, includes full name index, also separate index for places and slaves; shrink-wrapped for protection of book
Books A1, A, B, C – 1792-1813, 176 pages, presently out of print
Books D, E, F, G – 1813-1819, 198 pages, $30.00 softbound

LOGAN CO., KY, SURVEYS - Abstracted information covers books A through G, 1792 through late 1800's; book/page, land owner, acres, watercourse, date listed, 132 pages, $16.00 soft bound

LOGAN CO., KY, TAX LIST - Gives varied information from microfilm from 1792 through 1800, 142 pages. $16.00 soft bound

MEN WHOM I REMEMBER by Blakey - Written in 1880 about men from his youth. $35.00 hard bound


LOGAN CO., KY, A PICTORIAL HISTORY, Edward F. Coffman, Jr. & Judy Lyne, 40 page booklet with 120 photographs, summary of Ed Coffman, Sr.'s book on History of Logan Co., KY. $10.00 soft bound

LOGAN COUNTY, KY, CEMETERIES - Lists every known stone from over 430 cemeteries in Logan Co., KY, completed in 2000, additions since Jan 2001 are from obituaries; full name index. $90.00, hard bound.  Presently (2019) active cemeteries are being re-read and added via electronic means.

LOGAN COUNTY, KY, FUNERAL HOME RECORDS - Covers all funeral home records known to exist except for Auburn area; listed alphabetically, gives decedent, age, birth, birth place, death date, cemetery, spouse, father, mother, comments, funeral home in charge; 637 pages, a full name index of everyone in book. $70.00, hard bound

CONFEDERATE VOLUNTEERS, LOGAN CO., KY - Lists all known facts from Adjutant General's Report with Logan Co., KY, listing; also lists any other Rebel from any reference we could find; some pictures, 125 pages. $15.00 soft bound

UNION SOLDIERS, LOGAN CO., KY - Same as above, $16.00 soft bound

CONFEDERATE AND UNION SOLDIERS, LOGAN CO., KY - bound together, $45.00 hard bound

LOGAN COUNTY, KY, CONFEDERATE PENSION APPLICATIONS - Includes full text from applications of 63 veterans and 54 widows of veterans.  Papers on file in Logan Co., KY Archives.  Varied information but may include birth date and place, service dates, command, prison time and place, occupation.  Widow's applications add marriage information.  Full name index, 147 pages.  $30.00 hard bound

1877 ATLAS of LOGAN CO., KY, 12" x 14", 10 sectional maps of county; over 2,200 farms located, 56 pages. $30.00 hard bound

CEDAR GROVE (Afro-American community near Olmstead, KY) IN ORAL FOLK HISTORY, Master's thesis by Ada Carol Parker, 1975, 106, pages. $25.00 hardbound 

Clan McKINTOSH, by L. McIntosh & A. L. Collins, 49 page booklet on McIntosh, Porter, & Kellar families. $20.00 soft bound

MORGAN FAMILY by Penny Morgan Seay, 213 page booklet with full name index; allied families are Epperson, Huffines, Keel, Lauer, Lowe, Rager, Spencer, Thurman, Williard, Woodward. $25.00 soft bound 

1910 CENSUS, LOGAN CO., KY, transcribed by Denise Grayson.  CD, full name index, prints out on 643 pages, $25.00, postage included.

2011 LOGAN LINKS CD, newsletter of the Society, includes Index of Logan Co., KY Fiscal Court Minutes, 1792-1860; database of first 23 boxes of Equity court cases, newsletter with historic site, queries, tidbits from court records, etc.  $25.00, postage included.

2012, LOGAN LINKS CD, same as above but with index of Miscellaneous Circuit Court records, database of next 24 boxes of equity court cases, more historic site, queries, tidbits from court records.  January through December.  $25.00, postage included.

2013, LOGAN LINKS CD, same as above but with index of Guardian Bond Books, database of next 24 boxes of equity court cases, more historic site, queries, tidbits from court records.  $25.00, postage included.

2014, LOGAN LINKS CD, newsletter with historic site, queries, tidbits from court records, unidentified Logan Co., KY photos, Abstract of Guardian Settlement Books in database format, 1831 through 1905, Books A-H, database with next 24 cases of equity court cases. $12.00, e-mail address required.  

2015, LOGAN LINKS CD, same as above.

2016, LOGAN LINKS CD, same as above. 

CD - HOMETOWN HISTORY DAY, October 1, 2005, 3 slide show programs included, plays on Windows 98, 2nd edition or newer, $10.00.
1. Governor John Breathitt Cemetery – 94 photos, background music, of dedication of restoration project with 30 characters in 1830s dress. - 15 minutes.
2. Homes of 1830s Russellville – 64 slides with narration of the homes existing when Gov. Breathitt lived here – 25 minutes.
3. Restoration of cemetery activities – 51 slides with script, 13 minutes.

DVD - Breathitt Cemetery Restoration Dedication, 1 Oct 2005, approximately 1 hour. Features 30 characters in 1830s period dress giving history of persons buried in cemetery, includes surnames of Breathitt, Whitsett, Harwood, and Jones. $10.00.






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