Logan County, KY, Genealogical Society, Inc.


                                 Located in County Court Clerk's office or Logan Co., KY Archives.   Order available copies from the Society.  

See home page for explanation of the free review of records available and method to follow if interested in purchasing copies of the original records.                    

COUNTY COURT records  in the Old Jail Archives building include:

     Fiscal Court Order Books - 1-10; full name index available for all 12 books (books 11 and 12 are missing but index remains)  

     Black marriage books are available in Archives.  Later ones are in the clerk's office.

     White marriage books (original) are in clerk's office, West 3rd St., but books 1-3 are xeroxed and available in Archives.  Abstracted marriage records 1792 through 1974 are in Archives.

     Will Books are preserved in Archives and only available if copy in clerk's office is illegible.  Abstracts of Will Books A-Q are for use in Archives to speed up your searching in clerk's office.

     Deed books are stored in Archives for preservation.  Use the xeroxed copies in the Clerk's office.  Two books abstracting deeds from 1792-1813 and from 1813 through 1819 are available in Archives.

     Mortgage books are stored here.

CIRCUIT COURT records in the Old Jail Archives building include:

     Equity court cases from 1803 through 1940.  Full name index of ALL major participants in the cases is available on card file and AIS computer index.  These are civil court, cover estate settlements, divorces, land disputes, etc.

     Ordinary court cases, same as above.  These are more like today's small claims court.

     Miscellaneous court cases are ones returned to Logan County from Western KY University Library and Museum when discovered in a closet before the move tot he new building.  They are just that MISCELLANEOUS but some are complete case while others are just summons or other bits and pieces.  They also have a full name index of all participants.

     Newer court cases are also housed here to save room in new court house.  They are available by obtaining case number from circuit court clerk officers and requesting to view record in Archives.  

     Order books of the civil court cases are also stored here.

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